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Sunday April 23 2017 

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We Are Back!

Recreation Classes

Re-start From

Tuesday 18th April






The Easter Holidays are nearing which means that our Recreational classes will be taking a break.  The last sessions will be held on Saturday 1st April 2017 (please note the classes on this day will still go ahead at both the Harefield and Rickmansworth Site).


Therefore the following dates are the last sessions for the classes that take place during the week;


MONDAY - 27th March 2017


TUESDAY - 28th March 2017


WEDNESDAY - 29th March 2017


THURSDAY - 30th March 2017

(both recreational and advanced)


FRIDAY - 31st March 2017

(at our Harefield and Rickmansworth sites)


SATURDAY - 1st April 2017

(at our Harefield and Rickmansworth sites, including advanced and rec)


The break will last 2 weeks, and our classes will begin again on Tuesday 18th April 2017. More information will be added about this closer to this date. In the mean time, if you have any queries don't hesitate to ask one of the coaches on the day your child attends our classes.


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This week (from Monday 6th Feb 2017- Saturday 11th Feb) will be the last week of our recreational classes, as during school half terms we also take a week off.


Therefore, classes begin back again;

Monday- 20th Feb 2017


Tuesday- 21st Feb 2017


Wednesday- 22nd Feb 2017


Thursday (including advanced)- 23rd Feb 2017


Friday (At Rickmansworth & Harefield)- 24th Feb 2017


Saturday (At Rickmansworth & Harefield incl. Advanced) 25th Feb 2017



Any queries feel free to ask a coach at your child's session.



A big congratulations to those gymnasts and coaches that contributed towards the display at The Harefield Academy's Presentation evening. The display was a success and entertained those attending the event.  The gymnasts enjoyed both the preperation and performance of the display. These kind of displays demonatrate skills the gymnasts have been learning in preperation for competitions that are fast approaching as well as giving the gymnasts a chance to show off skills that they have learnt but are not competing at the moment.





New Year!!


Happy New Year to all!


Our term in the new year begins the week beginning Monday 9th January 2017. Therefore the following class dates are the first sessions back;


Monday Classes- 9th Jan 2017


Tuesday Classes- 10th Jan 2017


Wednesday Classes- 11th Jan 2017


Thursday Classes (including advanced)- 12th Jan 2017


Friday Classes (at Harefield and Rickmansworth Sites)- 13th Jan 2017


Saturday Classes(at Harefield and Rickmansworth Sites, includ. advanced)-14th Jan 2017



Any more queries ask members of our team on your gymnasts first session back


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Spring Term 2017


The christmas holidays are fast approaching and this means our recreational classes are going to take a break. As previously mentioned below the very last recreational sessions will be Saturday 17th December 2016.  We will then begin our recreational classes for our Spring Term 2017 the week beginning the 9th January 2017.


Image result for christmas gymnasticsImage result for christmas gymnastics



We are quickily reaching the end of our Christmas Term. The badge testing has been a success and has shown us the progression of our gymnasts, as well as the development of the gymnasts that have recently joined our recreational classes. 


Our last week of sessions will be from the 12th December 2016. Therefore here is a list of the final sessions for each of our classes;


  • Monday Recreational Class- 12/12/2016
  • Tuesday Recreational Class- 13/12/2016
  • Wednesday Reacreational Class- 14/12/2016
  • Thursday Recreational & Advanced Class- 15/12/2016
  • Friday Recreational Classes (at Harefield & Rickmansworth)- 16/12/2016
  • Saturday Recreational & Advanced Classes (at Harefield & Rickmansworth)- 17/12/2016


Any queries about the Christmas Term Dates don't hesitate to ask the coaches either at the beginning of your gymnasts session or at the end.



Our recreational classes start back from the week beginning Monday 31st October 2016. In this term we will be focussing on Badge Testing, this will allow us to monitor the progress of each gymnast.  We will continue to follow our 6 week structure so the gymnasts can practise and enhance the basic gymnastic skills we teach them. The badge testing will be embedded into the sessions; this will give the gymnasts a chance to achieve as many badge levels as they are capable of doing.  It will also allow the gymnasts to improve the skills they struggle with in the badge testing scheme.


We are also proud to announce the beginning of our 2 new advanced recreational classes that will be starting in this new term. 

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We are almost coming up to the October Half term holiday!


This means our recreational classes get to have a week break from their gymnastics classes. This is the last week of recreational classes, with our very last classes both at Harefield and Rickmansworth School on Saturday 22nd October 2016.


We have had a lot of progress in our young gymnasts this term throughout our recreational classes, and a higher demand for classes has meant we are able to introduce 3 new classes. Gym tots is a recently established class and has been a hit with those younger gymnasts between the ages of 3 and half, and 5 and a half.  We also have 2 advanced classes which start up after the break, whereby we have invited some of our recreational gymnasts of various ages to attend.


Our recreational classes will start back from the 31st October 2016, where we will be assessing the gymnasts on our Badge Testing scheme. We look forward to seeing all the gymnasts after half term and would also like to congratulate them on all the effort they have put in to this term.  It has truly shown by the skills they have been able to achieve.

Harefield Academy Open Evening 2016


Well done to the gymnasts who recently represented the club at the Harefield Academy's year 7 open evening on Tuesday 27th September 2016. These gymnasts performed elliquently 3 times throughout the evening, and also had to undergo the pressure of training while potential students looked round the school.